HR Management

Are you looking for a salesperson?  A General Manager? A successor?

Specialized in all transnational issues, we can manage all aspects of a person's employment in a comprehensive and tailor-made manner or provide one-off services in the following areas

  • - Job description
  • - Interview and international recruitment
  • - Salary administration
  • - Residence and work permits
  • - Relocation services
  • - Advice on social insurance and pensions
  • - Intercultural services (China and Latin America)

Services for Board of Directors : 
organization and strengthening of governance

Well organized governance is a guarantee of sustainability and success. The style of the leader and the Board often shape the corporate culture. It may be that this style is counterproductive or that all the skills, although gathered within the Board of Directors or the different management bodies, do not allow for effective governance.

With our experience as independent directors on the boards of various small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and abroad, we formalize a target governance with you using key indicators.

We accompany you, in order to realize an audit of the governance and to advise you:

  • - Analysis of the structures, their functioning and optimization of the decision process
  • - Facilitation of the strategy development process
  • - Support in the information and communication policy
  • - Accompanying the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • - Organizational chart review

Didactic, discreet and diplomatic approach.

Within the framework of the transfer of family businesses, we accompany the family in order to facilitate the transfer and to ensure the safeguarding of the entrusted heritage. The successors must be supported in their new functions, understand the history of the company's development, and be able to inscribe their own style.