Customized solutions to protect your assets, investments and development projects.

Corporate Consulting:
legal and administrative structuring.

With CAPITAL EMERGENCE, you invest in the future. We ensure a permanent strategic and regulatory watch in order to offer you customized structures, adapted to your projects.

Nature of our services

As financial intermediaries, we offer corporate advisory services and the creation and administration of companies, foundations and trusts in all jurisdictions.

Service care - Our DNA

The attributes of trust, reliability, quality and pragmatism in management were not taught to us: they are part of our genetic code, our education and our values. We add value to each project and offer quality customer service at extremely competitive prices. Our mission: to make your projects happen.

Our fiduciary services

  • - Company formation & management
  • - Directorships
  • - Administrative and secretarial services
  • - Actual domicile
  • - Provision of office space
  • - Opening of accounts
  • - Drafting and proofreading of contracts
  • - Accounting and tax services
  • -Family office




Our services are confidential. We do not disclose any information obtained in the course of our business relationship, unless specifically requested by the client or required by law. All client information is kept at our headquarters in Geneva.

Framework for the trust

It is essential to the service to be provided that we act independently as trustee in accordance with our fiduciary duties. The fact that you are our trust client does not mean that you have the power to direct or control the activities of the trustees in the execution and management of the trust, other than by virtue of the usual rights conferred by law.

International trade consulting

We work in partnership with consultants based in Europe, China, Hong Kong and Montevideo among others. Being part of the Chinese-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce we can advise you on the best strategy to develop the marketing of your products in Europe or in either continent.
Conveniently located in one of the world's largest trading centers, Geneva, we have access to business and partnership opportunities that may be of interest to you.  We work independently with all the top tier banks specializing in trading.

We are particularly active in the international trade of :

  • Luxury products (wine, art, cosmetics, race horses)
  • Products in the field of security and industry (protective equipment, alarms)

Do not hesitate to submit your development, branch opening or marketing project to us and we will analyze together the best way to structure it.


Advice and implementation of AMLA compliance

As a member of the Organisme d'Autorégulation des Gestionnaires de Fortune indépendants (OAR-G), we assist companies, fiduciaries, auctioneers or any other financial intermediary newly subject to the MLA in the implementation of internal procedures to meet compliance requirements. We advise you in the creation and appropriation of your own MLA forms as well as in the organization of the internal control. Pre-audit mission for the annual MLA audit.

Dynamic and targeted management control

Within the framework of our mandates, we carry out audit missions in Switzerland and abroad and act as an intermediary between the client and local auditors. This for all types of structures: companies, foundations, communities and associations.
Suivi et cadrage des budgets, mise en place des  points de contrôle et d’alerte ; vérification de la rentabilité. Mesure de la performance et des risques, reporting financier.